Evan Middleton

Middleton Fitness & Performance

As founder of Middleton Fitness & Performance on a journey that has spanned over 6 years, I am ideally placed and extremely experienced in successfully getting my clients to achieve their goals. In my time helping the public of East Kilbride I have learned that the key to consistently reaching your short and long term goals is being able to help you change your mind-set and your relationship with exercise, food and time management. I also place an emphasis on educating you on the foundations of fitness, exercise and nutrition to encourage you to take ownership and become self-aware in your own goals and successes. I am 100% committed to getting you where you want to be. 

The place you are most likely to find me outside of a gym is on the rugby pitch as a player for the first team in East Kilbride but also as their Fitness Coordinator, a role that is highly valued within the team.

My career all started for me when I was growing up on the rugby scene and needed to understand how to effectively manage and track my own progress in relation to fitness and nutrition. This led me ultimately to University to study Sport and Exercise Science from which I graduated with a first class honours degree. I am also a fully qualified Sport Masseuse which provides a unique package to not only elevate your physical fitness, performance and nutritional success but effectively rehabilitate you and aid in recovery. These achievements have been the quintessential building blocks for the transformation of my personal training business but I believe the only way to continually grow is to continually learn, this means I have my sights set on completing my masters in the not too distant future.


In the meantime however I have been able to expand Middleton Fitness and Performance within East Kilbride from two gyms and not only that but my online platform also allows me to reach clients like you – anywhere, anytime.

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